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We have designed a systematic way to ensure that anyone who attends our church or those who feel called to be in leadership can be exposed to teaching that reflects our values and vision. Our goal is to move people from an introduction to our church, through the basics of Christianity, on to becoming diligent disciples. We want them to study the kinds of things that would help them become well-trained leaders, capable of ministering to others by the power of the Holy Spirit.


     Our discipleship program is laid out like an old Victorian house with a porch, foundation, and rooms that contain teaching on various themes. People move at their own pace from room-to-room and level to level throughout the house.


     Before anyone can hold any key position in our church, we would expect them to have studied the material in The Porch, Foundation, and the first few rooms of Discipleship House. Then we would give them ongoing training in the additional rooms, pertaining to their specific areas of service. 


     Pastor Penn Clark has written the material for each room and has made it available in study note and audio format, allowing students to study at their own pace. This material can be purchased in printed form or in eBooks and on videos posted on-line. Penn also teaches some of the material live at different times throughout the year.


     Here is an outline of the courses available in each of the rooms. 





This introductory information is available for anyone interested in learning more about our church. We hope it will help those who are new to us to quickly become familiar with what is important to us as a church. This is also the material that we share in our small group meetings for new people in our church.


  • Introduction to WellSpring Fellowship A Life-Giving Church

  • The History of Our Church

  • Our Vision

  • Our Statement of Faith

  • Introduction to Anabaptist History

  • Our Affiliation

  • A Vision for Fellowship – An Introduction to Our Small Groups 

  • The Commitment - Our View of Membership

  • Our Distinctives

  • Our Small Groups

  • Our Mission Work




This material is teaching about the basics of Christianity. It is available for anyone who is new in Christ or for those who want to learn more about what we believe. It can be used for individual study or small group discussions. (Some parts of this section is not available at this time - Ask for current information)


  • God’s Plan of Salvation 

  • Real Repentance

  • The Difference Between Savior and Lord

  • Redeemed 

  • Water Baptism 

  • The Gift of Eternal Life 

  • Koinonia - Fellowship

  • The King Nobody Wanted

  • The Priority of the Kingdom of God

  • Resting in His Righteousness









This material contains what we feel are the essentials for anyone who wants to walk more deeply with the Lord and be effective in ministering to others.  


  • Five Keys - A Study About How to Study

  • How to Give Away the Holy Spirit

  • Discerning Ourselves - Understanding Sin, the Flesh, and the Spirit 

  • The Day – Walking in Light of Eternity

  • Headship - God’s Order for the Family and Church

  • In the Name of Jesus

  • The King Nobody Wanted

  • Honoring Headship








This material is for those who are interested in discipleship and building disciplines into their lives which will help them grow in Christ. 


  • Are you a Believer... or a Disciple? 

  • Discipline from Desire – Not a Command

  • The Five Disciplines: 

  1. The Discipline of Fasting

  2. The Discipline of Prayer

  3. The Discipline of Study

  4. The Discipline of Giving

  5. The Discipline of Rest


  • The Grace of Giving 

  • Five Keys - A Study About How to Study










This material is for those who want to know how to find God’s will for their lives, learn to hear His voice, and understand basic guidelines to guidance.


  • Discerning God’s Will - The Great Quest

  • Discerning the Voice of God

  • The Value of Vision

  • It’s Time to Seek the Lord

  • The Work of Waiting

  • Welcome to the Wilderness

  • Cultivating Integrity

  • Cultivating Your Call










A person’s spiritual maturity is not determined by the quality of their gifts, but by the quality of their relationships with others. This material helps those who have been hurt by others to begin to recover and do those things that help them become more spiritually mature.


  • Jesus in Warfare 

  • Stopping the Mouths of Lions

  • Creating a Culture of Confronting 

  • Levels of Forgiveness

  • Koinonia Killers – Things That Ruin Fellowship 

  • Communion on the Moon 

  • GateKeeping

  • What Jesus Said About Divorce and Remarriage









There are things that we all go through that are intended to impede our progress, rob us of our joy, and keep us from being free or effective. This teaching gives us the tools to overcome and enables us to help others become free.


  • Following the Eyes of Your Heart

  • Freedom from Fear

  • Dealing with Depression

  • What Jesus Said About Stress

  • Shipwrecked on the Way to Heaven - A separate Personal Purity Course

  • The Road to Repentance









We have all experienced personal revival, which added life to our lives. This study helps us to see that God never intended it to be a one-time experience, but something He wants us to taste again and again.


  • Personal Revival

  • Walking in Newness of Life

  • New Man - Old Man

  • Zoe - Eternal Life Now

  • The Ministry of John the Baptist

  • Finney Revival 

















God may call someone into the ministry, but it is their responsibility to cultivate that call. This teaching is intended to help those who feel called to take the first steps towards preparing for ministry. 


  • Cultivating Your Call

  • Five-Fold Ministry

  • We are Co-Laborers with Him

  • Shoes on the Wrong Feet

  • Inviting Yourself to the Table

  • Motivation for Missions

  • Cultivating Your Call... Continually

  • The Importance of Impartation

  • Welcome to the Wilderness

  • Cultivating the Anointing

  • Cultivating Integrity









There is an abundance of grace available in Christ Jesus, but it is all in vain if we do not learn how to tap into it, properly steward it, and give it away to others.


  • The Manifold Grace of God

  • The Favor of the Lord

  • The Blessing

  • The Abundance of Grace

  • The New Man

  • Gifted but Carnal

  • Blocks to Grace

  • The Meekness of God

  • The Grace of Giving









We all have blocks toward the work of the Holy Spirit in our lives. In fact, those same blocks that impede our progress now will remain with us throughout our lives. We need to learn how to overcome them in a way that allows the Holy Spirit to work in and through us effectively.


  • How to Give Away the Holy Spirit 

  • My Search For the Gifts of the Holy Spirit

  • Slain in the Spirit

  • The Benefits of Speaking in Tongues 

  • A Place for Prophecy

  • The Making of a Prophet - The Jeremiah Study

  • The Healing Ministry of Jesus

  • Degrees of Deliverance 

  • The Importance of Impartation 

  • Laying on of Hands








This area of teaching focuses on how to find poise and balance in this busy life, how to prevent burn-out, and how to have a relevant ministry that lasts.


  • Come Aside – Finding Renewal Through Resting and Retreating

  • The Work of Resting

  • The Work of Waiting

  • Welcome to the Wilderness









This material is available through live teaching for anyone who has a role or a responsibility in our church. If you desire to be used to serve within our church, you will have to attend these courses. 


  • The Boundaries of Authority 

  • Church in the Wilderness - A Study About the Leadership of Moses

  • Board Orientation - Decision-Making 

  • The Freedoms and Frustrations of Delegation

  • GateKeeping 








This area of training is specifically given to those who have been invited to serve in specific leadership positions at WellSpring. 


  • Preparing to Preach 

  • Worship Team Training   

  • Children’s Ministry Training  

  • The Ministry of Deacon

  • Small Group Leader Training

  • Youth Worker Training 

  • Guidelines for Giving and Judging Prophesy 

  • Training for Ushers

If you have any questions, write me at and someone will get back to you right away. You can begin by filling out a application by clicking here.

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