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I have been working hard to provide a number of resources for anyone who is hungry for more as we flow together towards the goodness of the Lord.




Our church is WellSpring Fellowship in Penn Yan New York:


Our church’s website is located here:


You can get our WellSpring App at the Apple/Android App Store and download WellSpring Fellowship NY using your phone.




If you want to keep abreast to what is going on at WellSpring, it would be best to subscribe to our Churches weekly news magazine called The Current. You can sign up for this within the App.




WellSpring’s Facebook page is located at: This is where you can find live streamed sermons. 


We start live streaming our Sunday morning gathering at 9:30. You can watch it right within the APP or later on Facebook or on YouTube:


We also live stream special events and training sessions periodically. You will be made aware of this in the Current.


I also have my own YouTube Channel where a lot of teaching has been uploaded:


If you type Penn Clark in the search section on YouTube and scroll down, they will find Penn teaching in other churches through the years, including some in Spanish.




Estos son algunos de mis libros traducidos al Español. Puede usar su tarjeta de crédito y hará la conversión a la moneda de su propio país.



Our church posts podcasts so people can listen in on the go:


You can find previous sermons on iTunes:


I am beginning to migrate a lot of my podcasts and teaching clips to a new website located at




You can find all of my books on our online books store located at


I have a couple of blogs, one being within the online store:


The other is located at


If you want to use any of our books or brochures for you Bible Studies or Small Groups, contact me directly and we will give you free same and a special bulk rate for doing this.




We are also building a for people to take online study courses at I have also posted a lot of free resources on this site for anyone who wants to go deeper.


If anyone is interested in becoming part of our discipleship group for 3 months at a time, you can learn more about it by going to Here is a clip showing our winter discipleship program:


One of our churches in Ohio has started a discipleship program. You can connect with them to learn more about this by going to


If you would like to come to Penn Yan and stay at our Discipleship House for some R&R or a time to seek the Lord, you can learn more about it by contacting us for rental details.


Beyond all this, we host various events throughout the year. For example, we will be hosting a Winter CampMeeing here in Penn Yan March 3-6, which will be live streamed. We are already working on our summer CampMeeting in August 2022, which includes free camping, and kids VBS, and ministry for young people. 


Here are some studies we recommend:

We have a new book being printed called A Place For Prophecy, which teaches people about this special gift and how to develop it so your entire church can get in on it.

A companion book to this is called Prophetic Promises, which will give what you share with other more impact.

If people are wanting to go deeper in the Holy Spirit, you can recommend Penn’s book, Giving Away the Holy Spirit and My Search for the Gifts of Spirit.


If people are coming with hurts or bitterness, we recommend Jesus in Warfare, Stopping the Mouths of Lions, and Levels of Forgiveness.


If you are stuck on a sandbar of sexual sin and regret, get a copy of our eBook Shipwrecked on the Way to Heaven. It is a 30-day solution to this common problem.


If they are dealing with depression or fear, I recommend Following the Eyes of Your Heart. I also have other resources just about fear and depression if you write to me about it.


For those who are struggling in the marriage, or about to get married, we recommend Honoring Headship. 


For anyone needing help with child discipline, we recommend Hand in The Cookie Jar. There are also podcasts posted about this subject, which we think will help parents find the discipline to discipline.


If people are coming to you burned out, we recommend Come Aside and What Jesus Said About Stress.


Hope this helps you grow in the Lord!

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