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Spring Cleaning

As we enter into spring, many of us fine it necessary to do some extra cleaning around the place. I doubt that many people actually like doing this, but once we get started, we like the feeling of peace and order it brings to our lives. This is also a good time to do some spirit spring cleaning. Here are a number of things we can do right now that will bring peace to your heart and mind:

Make a list of what needs to be done: Write out all the responsibilities that you carry so you can see them at a glance. Decide which ones will be carried into the coming year and which ones need be set aside

Don’t put it off any longer: List the things you like to do the least; then do them first.

Remove the clutter: Think on paper. Empty your head of all the details you are carrying around inside of you. Write everything out like a things-to-do list.

Clean out the cobwebs: Find a place to raise your voice aloud in prayer or song.

Plant something new: Wait upon the Lord to see what He might say, which would give you fresh perspective for the coming season or for those old problems on your list that you cannot seem to solve.

Go through old boxes: Revisit personal prophecies and past goals to see where things stand.

Rake up the old leaves: You will need to get honest about your true condition. Ask yourself what is really preventing spiritual growth. It may hurt, but it needs to be removed so new tender growth can come forth.

Clean the leaves out of the gutters: Ask yourself, “What is stopping the flow.” Make a list of what needs to be removed.

Decide what has to go: Make a list of those things that cause you to be worried, anxious, or fearful. What creates the most stress? Then set out to find promises of God to counter each one of them.

Mend the fences: Seek out people you have tried to forget about and deliberately interact with them again. Invite them out for coffee, as a place to start.

Pull up the old dead plants: There are some things that you just need to forget about and move on.

Consider what you planted last year that did well: Go through your old calendar and itemize what you did last year. You may be amazed. Then consider what worked well and prioritize around them.

Scrub and scour: There are things you have done in the past year that you wish you had not done. Write them out, be deliberate about asking God to forgive you, receive cleansing and forgiveness by the Blood of the Lamb and then throw the list away.

What would you like to do around the place? Write out your goals both with short-term steps and long-term steps to take.

Jesus told a parable about a woman who was searching for something, which caused her to go to extra lengths to clean her house, opening the shutters, turning on more light, and getting out the broom like the lady in Luke 15:8-10. In the process, she found something of value that has been missing in our life. Perhaps we will also find whatever has been missing in our lives as we do some spiritual spring clearing.

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